UX Design Interview Sprint

Level up your UX Design interview skills.
May 2, 2022
(you can complete this workshop from anywhere)
Tuesdays & Thursdays 7pm-8pm ET
(4pm - 5pm PT)
$ 229.00 CAD
(limited seats)

Kickstarting a career in UX can be difficult.

From portfolio presentations and design challenges, to that Junior UX job posting 
that asks for “2 years experience”. It can feel impossible to land your first role.

We’ve been there (quite recently, in fact!). Yes it can be frustrating, but we found a way to make it work and we want to help you do the same! Enrol in our UX Interview Sprint and get your foot into the world of UX.

In order to participate, you must come prepared with:
  • A willingness to be part of a community with other creatives
  • Availability to dedicate 30 minutes to 1 hour every day (mostly asynchronously) for the duration of the workshop

Program Highlights

Portfolio Presentation

Get feedback on your portfolio and practice presenting your work to a real audience.


Join other creatives from different parts of the world and connect with each other via the Habit Factory Slack channel.

Feedback from Peers

Feedback is essential to how we grow and learn. Hear how your work resonates with others and improve through frequent feedback from workshop members.

Drop-In Coaching

We offer drop-in coaching to help you meet your goals. Get personalized feedback and receive support when you need it most.

The Program Hosts

“Hello UX Designers! As a UX Researcher with a design background, I’m here to help you stand out as a well-rounded UX Designer during your UX interviews.

My goal is to coach you to best present yourself as a designer & best research collaborator.

We hope this program helps you avoid repeating our past mistakes and approach your UX interviews with full confidence. See you at an upcoming workshop!”
Product Researcher
@ SurveyMonkey
“Hey fellow UX Designers! I’m very excited to be co-hosting a workshop to demystify the UX job interview process- a workshop I wish I had when I was in your shoes!

Rather than saying ‘been there, done that!’ after we landed our roles, we reflected on the job interview process and wanted to create a space to share everything we learned while building a community of next-gen UXers.

I hope to see you soon!”
Service Designer @ Bridgeable


Do I need to have a portfolio before joining?
What if I can't make it to all days of the workshop?
Will the live meetings be recorded?
What kind of community can I expect to be a part of during these workshops?
Do I receive certification for completing the workshop?
What is your refund policy?

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